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The world around us is changing at a tremendous pace, and nationalism is central to those changes. National identities, ideologies and interests give shape to current economic and environmental crises, to diverse religious and ethnic conflicts and to quests for cultural achievement and recognition. This blog aims to stimulate discussion on nationalism-related issues.

MSC Programme

The MSc/Diploma in Nationalism Studies is an inter-disciplinary programme designed to give you an understanding of nationalism that is broad in scope and theoretically informed, while also tailored to your specific interests within the field. We are able to do this because we draw on a range of expertise across the University, in the Centres … Continue reading MSC Programme

ASEN Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the first ASEN branch and launched on 26 May 2017. ASEN Edinburgh organise local activity to advance the study of ethnicity and nationalism. Seminars and workshops are detailed under our events pages. Find out more and get involved. To receive information about forthcoming events, join our mailing list. Follow ASEN Edinburgh on Twitter … Continue reading ASEN Edinburgh

Publications & Resources

This page contains publications by our staff members and other relevant resources for nationalism studies students and scholars. STAFF PUBLICATIONS: Please check individual profile pages for a detailed list of publications: Prof David McCrone Prof Jonathan Hearn Prof Nasar Meer Dr Liliana Riga  Dr James Kennedy Dr Ross Bond Dr Michael Rossie Dr Gëzim Krasniqi WEB RESOURCES: … Continue reading Publications & Resources